Booster Club of the Week: Page High School

Page High School

This week we are featuring the Page High School Booster Club known and the Quarterback Club. Thanks to President of the Quarterback Club, Liz Cramer for taking time out to answer our questions.
1. Each booster club has their own Friday night ritual, can you tell us more about yours?

Friday night games always start with a tailgate! We invite the entire community and the QBC provides the main dish. Everyone brings a dish to share if they want. It is a great opportunity to get know one another and set the mood for the night!

2. How many members you you have in your booster club and how many members does it take to make each Friday night successful?

All players families are automatically part of our Quarterback Club and we currently have over 100 boys on the roster. On a normal home game we have about 30 parent volunteers helping with feeding the team, tailgate, field preparation, and so much more!
3. For this school year, what types of fundraisers do you have planned?

Right now we are participating in our Athletic Boosters Raffle! We sell the tickets for $20 each and the prize drawing is for $10000, $5000, $3000 and $2000!

Besides that, we try to have all our fundraising done by the first game. That way we concentrate on supporting the team on Friday nights and not have to worry about hitting a budget. In January we will begin again with coupon book sales, our Lift-A-Thon, and sponsorship drive.

4.What is your first goal you look to accomplish this year?

Page is a rapidly growing school. With that comes a rapidly growing football team. Our goal this year has been to provide for the needs of the team due to its steady growth in players. We need to ensure we have enough coaching staff, equipment, a safe practice space, and locker room facilities.

The QBC’s goal is always to make Page football a successful program that the entire community can be proud of.

5. Give us three words to describe the Booster Club for Page High School?

Passionate. Proud. Determined.

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