Booster Club of the Week: Brentwood Academy

This week we are featuring Brentwood Academy as our Booster Club of the Week.

We spoke with Andi Holbrook, Development Director at Brentwood Academy who shared more with us about Brentwood Academy’s Booster Club which is referred to as their Parent Association group.

Each booster club or parent association has their own Friday night ritual, can you tell us more about yours?

Brentwood Academy Parents Association (BAPA) is our only booster club that supports all programs of the school through volunteering a only a few event fundraisers.

How many members you you have in your booster club and how many members does it take to make each Friday night successful?

All our parents are members of BAPA with no charge for dues.

For this school year, what types of fundraisers do you have planned?

We do an annual Art Show at BA, held the first week of December, featuring over 70 fine art and handcraft artists. This event is open to the public and free of charge.

What is your first goal you look to accomplish this year?

Goal is for volunteering to be inclusive of all parents and volunteers to be fiscally mindful.

Give us three words to describe your Parent Association?

Active, positive and encouraging