Bookstore to Open in Westhaven Community

Westhaven resident, Kelly Gore, felt there was one thing missing in her neighborhood- a bookstore. Just before the holidays, there  will be a 550 square foot space where the Westhaven community along with residents of Williamson County can enjoy an independent bookstore.

It will be called  Bound Booksellers and Gore imagines it as a place where all the community feels welcome to browse, read, sip coffee and meet with friends.

Bound Booksellers of Westhaven“I could just imagine a place where community members gather around, sip on coffee and talk about what they’re reading to each other, why their reading it  and what they like about it. We had thoughts about a book club, or devotion time, a writers lab. But it slowly became apparent that it could be a bookstore and a community hub. We’re talking about holding all of this, author’s readings, song writer’s labs. We want to have this place where we can create all this for the community. They can come and celebrate words, as we’re in a society moving more toward emojis and symbols. This place will be a resurrection of words,” Gore said.

Tucked behind Scout’s Pub, customers will enter Bound Booksellers on the backside of the building through a garden. Gore refers to it as a speakeasy of bookstores.

For Gore, opening a bookstore has always been a dream; she has had a love for the written word all her life.

“I have always been  a book lover, I grew up in the mountains, and my mom was a book lover as well. She would send us to bed with classic books or famous quotes. I have been a voracious reader ever since I was old enough to read. I thought I may open a bookstore once I retire. For me, and through a lot of prayer and conversations with God, it became apparent that it was a now thing, not a retirement thing. In a funny way, while I was getting all these no’s initially, everything seemed to come together at a perfect time.”

Bound Booksellers is a family affair with Kelly and her husband, Chad Gore. As they explore what books to offer, she says it will definitely have something for everyone from kids to adults.

And if you are curious what Kelly is currently reading- The Shallow by Nicholas Carr and Loving My Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall. Both are books about technology and how to celebrate the ordinary life.

To learn more about Bound Booksellers, visit their Facebook page for more updates regarding their opening date.

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