Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee Expands to Brentwood with Physical Therapy

Born and raised in Brentwood Tennessee, Ryan Meyers, DPT, of Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee, understands the sports medicine and rehabilitation process from every angle. As a pitcher for the University of Tennessee in the 1995 College World Series and a 12th round MLB draft pick by the Toronto Blue Jays, Meyers brings the unique perspective of a professional athlete to the clinical setting.

Meyers shares insights into the world of sports medicine and physical therapy, and also tells us about Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee’s new Rehabilitation Services clinic opening in Brentwood.

Williamson Source: Can you tell us about your background as an athlete, and how you came to be a physical therapist?

Meyers: I graduated high school from Brentwood Academy and went on to play baseball at the University of Tennessee on a scholarship. After playing there for four years, I was drafted into the MLB in 1996. Through a lot of pain, three elbow surgeries, and rehab, God led me to being a physical therapist. I retired from baseball and received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Belmont University in 2002.

WS: What types of injuries do you typically see with the upper extremity?

Meyers: I often see rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement, post-op rotator cuff repairs, and labral repairs. With my baseball background, I get to see a lot of kids who have throwing injuries with their elbow or shoulder.

Pain from reaching overhead, whether from rotator cuff impingement or arthritis, is what sends people to the doctor the most. Pain when reaching behind the back is also common.

WS: As a DPT, how closely do you work with the surgeons at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee?

Meyers: The relationship between the doctors at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee and the therapists is very close. We work in the same building, which is nice because I can walk into their offices and ask questions and seek feedback directly, instead of having to call them up, leave a message, and wait.

Patients understand that there is an advantage to having therapy at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee because the doctors are all so close with the physical therapists. We have patients choose to come to us because of that alone.

There are times, with a post-op knee for example, that the patient is a couple days out from surgery and we can run over and get the doctor and have them look at the healing progress.

WS: What can you tell us about the new location coming in Brentwood?

Meyers: The new Bone and Joint Institute location will be in the heart of Brentwood at the Publix Maryland Farms shopping center (Creekside Crossing). There is an orthopaedic urgent care on one side and a physical therapy clinic on the other.

Patients can come straight in if they twist their ankle or have any kind of acute orthopaedic injury treated in the urgent setting. We’ll have advanced practice providers in the orthopaedic urgent care clinic seven days a week.

I will be on the therapy side, along with two physical therapists and one PT assistant, as well as a certified hand therapist. The clinic will open on December 6, 2021.

Get Back in the Game With Bone and Joint Institute

For more information about physical therapy and rehabilitation services at Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee in Brentwood, call (615) 791-2391.

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