How Body Waxing Improves Your Skin

Did you know waxing doesn’t just make your skin feel great, but that it actually improves your skin overtime? Not only does waxing begin your body’s process of replenishing and repairing your skin to be softer and smoother, it can also encourage you to take better care of your skin so that you can enjoy the smooth, hair-free feeling more. Here’s some ways that body waxing further helps to improve your skin.


It’s a word that you often hear in salons and as something that you need to do to your skin, but body waxing is a great way to start and encourage yourself to continue actually doing it. Exfoliating is the beginning of a process that helps your body to shed the dead skin cells and free up the new cells to mature to make your skin healthy and glowing.

Smoother Skin

While getting rid of the hair on your body is obviously helping your skin to feel smoother, the process of exfoliating and moisturizing that waxing requires also helps you attain even smoother skin. Think about the process of how a cut heals. When you first get the cut, obviously the skin is no longer smooth, but when it starts to scab over it is even rougher for a while. However, as time and the dead skin cells fall off you end up with smooth skin that is full of healthy, new skin cells. Waxing works in the same way, just on a more natural level (and hopefully not as painful one).

Less irritation, allergies, and cuts

The process of shaving often leads to things like razor rash/burn and cuts. Waxing eliminates all of this while also reducing the amount of time that you have irritating stubble. When you shave, the hair becomes blunt and can cause potential skin problems, but waxing takes from the root, which weakens the hair while also making it so that it exits the skin without irritation.

Less hair overall

While neither shaving or waxing truly stops the growth of hair, there’s a reason why people think that shaving promotes hair growth. When you shave, the hair is thicker because it is a further growth of the hair. Waxing however weakens the hair and often slows the process of hair regrowth. While shaving routines range from every day to every few days on average, waxing is only repeated once a month. The longer that you wax, the less often you have to do it. At this point, most people average between six and eight weeks.

If you want truly smoother, healthier skin, it’s time to ditch the razor, stop fretting over the unknown, and try waxing to experience the long term benefits of leaving shaving behind.

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