The Bob is Back

By Donna Vissman

Hedi Klum did it, Reese Witherspoon did it, Kate Moss did it, and most of the actresses at the Golden Globe did it! What did they do? Cut their hair! The ‘of the moment look’ right now is the bob, demi-bob or lob (longer bob).

Long gone is the look of long hair. The fresh approach is all about hair at chin length or right at the shoulders. Bloggers, editors and fashion critics alike are calling for women to cut their hair.

Where did the bob originate?  During World War I when women joined the workforce and no longer had time for pin curls and straightening irons, the bob became popular. This year has been deemed ‘the year of the bob.’

EXCLUSIVE Jennifer Aniston with a new haircut and pregnant leaving doctorsJennifer Anniston who made the “Rachel” haircut popular during the “Friends” era has recently cut six inches off, transforming her locks into a fringe-look bob. So, if Jennifer is doing it; I guess everyone will be doing it soon.

Ladies, when is the last time you tried a new hairstyle? If you haven’t changed your hairstyle in two years or more, it’s time for a change this year. One way to certainly date yourself  is to hold on to that hairstyle that you think makes you feel young, or the one that you wore in your twenties but now you’re in your forties.

Take the plunge into short hair. It’s cold outside and the stores haven’t received any of the spring clothing yet, so why not change your hairstyle.

Tell us what you think about the bob haircut.