Franklin Senior Portraits JB Brookman Photography

by JB Brookman

The final few months of your child’s High School Junior Year and their entire Senior Year can feel like a whirlwind! Parent after parent comes through our Studio and emotionally shares with us about how fast the time goes and how confusing it can be to know what is coming next. Unexpected events and costs are a huge frustration.

One of the things that we help our Senior Families with is giving them a timeline to plan out their Senior Pictures.

It is important to know that there are two kinds of Senior Pictures. There are the traditional Cap and Gown photos, which your school will require you to take. Then, there is the Senior Portrait Experience- which includes on location outdoor portraits, professional Hair and Makeup, outfit changes and elite post production and editing. These are turned into artwork like wall portraits or custom senior albums that turn into family heirlooms and can be shared with family and friends. The Senior Portrait Experience is what this article will help you plan out.

Spring: Since the Nashville weather is super warm this year, we started spring Senior Portrait season a few weeks ago! Spring is a perfect time for Class of 2017 Seniors who have been super busy or have not had the chance to do their portraits yet. There is still time to go through the process and have your printed products ready by Graduation. Spring is also a fantastic time for the Class of 2018 to do their Senior Pictures. The cooler weather allows for a sweat-free session and a much more comfortable experience as we move from location to location. Daylight Savings will now allow spring sessions to be done after school on weekdays. Doing 2018 portraits early allows your family to free up Summer and spread out your payments so you can start budgeting for Senior Trips, Vacations, Christmas, Prom, College Applications/Costs, etc.

Summer: School-free days are the main advantage of Summer Senior Portraits and the stores come out with some of their new fashion lines for the warm weather (remember, we can help you with clothing and styling for your shoot). Some Seniors even plan Destination Senior Portrait Sessions (our Studio is doing Savannah, Chattanooga and Memphis this year) to shoot in a unique location. Summer pretty much speaks for itself as far as photography goes!

Fall: Senior Portrait dates fill up super quickly for Fall dates, so we recommend that Class of 2018 Moms reserve their dates in the Spring. Obviously, a perk of this season is the bright Fall colors of October and November. Hopefully, temperatures will start to cool down (last year the Fall was incredibly warm). Our Studio is usually super full and buzzing during this time. Remember that the closer we get to Christmas, the busier our vendors also get. So, the earlier you book, the more organized we can be, the greater chance that we can get your Legacy Custom Senior Albums and Wall Portraits back to you in time for Christmas! There are also deadlines for some schools to get Yearbook Photos in and have Dedication Pages ready for print.

As a Seniors-only Studio, it is our passion to come alongside you and help you navigate the celebration of your big year. We offer the Uplifting Senior Portrait Experience!

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