Kristi Farrow

Kristi Farrow has been named director of African and African American history for the Battle of Franklin Trust. Farrow has been conducting extensive research into the people and their families who were enslaved at Carnton and Carter House and leads the organization’s Slavery and Enslaved Tours. 

“We at the Battle of Franklin Trust are thrilled to welcome Kristi into this new role,” said CEO Eric A Jacobson. “Kristi will begin to broaden her research and the Battle of Franklin Trust will begin to teach people about how slavery impacted the founding of our country and why this area of study is so important to a better understanding of our civil war.”

Farrow was born and raised in Whitehall, Ohio, which is outside of Columbus. She has worked at the Battle of Franklin Trust since 2013, holding different positions such as staff genealogist, executive assistant and tour guide. Besides her time at the Battle of Franklin Trust, she enjoys researching and finding lost stories of people forgotten in history. Farrow has one daughter, Kennedy, who just graduated from Boston University.

“Families and their continuous experiences in history have always been my passion: how history impacted people, their lives and their choices,” said Farrow. “The African American journey has largely been ignored within the American experience, but we have learned so much information about the enslaved people at the Battle of Franklin Trust sites and really throughout Williamson County. There is still so much to find! I feel incredibly lucky I get to be a part of it.”

The Battle of Franklin Trust will be expanding the Slavery and Enslaved tours to five days per week in early 2020. For more information about the Battle of Franklin Trust or booking a tour, visit 

About the Battle of Franklin Trust
The Battle of Franklin Trust is a 501(c)3 management corporation acting on behalf of Franklin’s battlefield sites to contribute to a greater understanding and enrich the visitor experience of the November 30, 1864 battle. It is organized for the charitable and educational purposes of preserving, restoring, maintaining and interpreting the properties, artifacts, and documents related to the battle so as to preserve an important part of the nation’s history.