Award Winning Writer & Artist Makes Donation to Father Ryan

Jim McCann Artist & Writer

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Author and artist Jim McCann (Father Ryan class of 92) will be returning to his alma mater on January 14th to unveil a collection of graphic novels and comics he is graciously donating to the school.

McCann is an award-winning writer/illustrator of comic books, graphic novels and television shows. He worked on several films and music videos before he was accepted into the ABC Daytime Writer Development Program. During that time he wrote for the popular ABC daytime drama “One Life to Live.” Upon moving to New York, he found a position at Marvel Comics, where he remained for six years, working in publicity and PR. He wrote several critically acclaimed Marvel Hawkeye series before branching out into creating his own comics and graphic novels, as well as other projects. His first graphic novel, Return of the Dapper Men, won the comic book industry’s top award: Best Original Graphic Album. He has since gone on to create hit series such as the space-heist Lost Vegas and the ongoing series Mind the Gap, both published through Image Comics.

A meet and greet will take place at 4:30 p.m. in the Neuhoff Library on Father Ryan’s campus January 14th. The public is invited to attend and learn more about Jim and his work.

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