Auto Glam Helps Customers Gear Up For Warm Weather With Window Tinting Services

auto glam window tinting

Auto Glam’s window tinting service is not just for your car.

From automotive and recreational vehicles, to residential and commercial window tinting, the experts at Auto Glam offer the best window films and installation in Franklin and the surrounding area.

With more than two decades of experience in window tinting, co-owners Jason Bogard and Joe Aranda say their automotive appearance shop is ready to help customers gear up for spring and summer.

Here’s a look at the window tinting services Auto Glam provides:

Auto Glam uses state-of-the-art Ceramic Vortex Film that provides heat rejection, glare control and UV rejection. With several different ranges of shades to choose from for style and privacy, the film keeps the interior of vehicles significantly cooler and reduces interior fading. It can also add value to the resale amount of a vehicle. In addition, the film is signal-friendly, so it won’t interfere with cell phones, GPS navigation, satellite radio and other electronic devices.

Recreational Vehicles
Auto Glam also specializes in window tinting services for recreational vehicles such as boats and RV’s. Tinting helps improve visibility while driving by blocking out dangerous sun glare on windshields and reduces interior heat. Privacy also keeps possessions safe from theft. Owners also get the benefit of increased resale value when selling or trading-in due to upgrading.

“We encourage customers to take advantage of this service. Every vehicle is treated with the same high level of expertise, we guarantee it,” says Auto Glam. “We’re the best in the industry to take care of your toys and get them ready for the season.”

Residential & Commercial
Auto Glam provides residential and commercial window tinting, which has great benefits. In addition to privacy, window tinting efficiently rejects heat, improves comfort and reduces energy costs for homeowners and businesses. Tinting also helps block UV light to prevent fading of furnishings and glare on screens and monitors.

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