Have you seen the latest fashion trend word “athleisure”? It’s a term described for athletic wear that is not really worn to the gym but more for leisure as more often there is a spill over into other areas of our life besides leisure.

If you are familiar with Net-A-Porter, they recently launched Net-A-Sporter which is dedicated to the athleisure wear. Stating it’s for “sportswear that is as chic as everything else in your closet.”

And let’s not forget—several designers sent their spring collections down the runway with tennis shoes, a trend that started when the wedge tennis shoe, made popular by Isabel Marant, first hit the runway. Other designers followed by showing Nike tennis shoes.

So why the shift to athleisure wear? Overall, consumers are more interested in a healthy lifestyle with concerns over what they eat, exercise and overall health. Ahtleisure wear is just an extension of that healthy lifestyle.

According to Bustle, yoga pants sales increased 341% during a three month period in 2015. And that’s not all—there were 68,000 pairs of sneakers to hit the web, 35% of those were athleisure sneakers.

Sports bras have now taken up 20% of the entire bra market. Several brands, including Nike, Under Armour and Dick’s Sporting Goods have named sports bras as key growth drivers for the upcoming year.

With Fitbit becoming the new watch to wear, designers are also finding ways to enter that market by offering designer wraps.

‘Jogging pants’ was the number two item search on Google om 2015. We’ll save you some time Googling and show you some items we found at Fleet Fleet Brentwood.

Fleet Feet is a great place to start your workout journey with new shoes but they also have athleisure wear as well. Check out the photos above and see the Nike tennis shoes we found. We also put together a couple of outfits for women and men that can take you from the gym to shopping.

Visit Fleet Feet Brentwood located at 330 Franklin Road, Brentwood. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

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