ATA Martial Arts
credit- ATA Martial Arts

ATA Martial Arts will open a new location in Westhaven. On Facebook, they shared the following announcement.

Westhaven! We are excited to announce that ATA Martial Arts of Franklin will be opening soon.

As many of you know we have started classes at the Westhaven community center and our local Franklin rec center. Thanks to your support we have moved ahead of schedule and will be opening our FIRST school at the end of this summer!

The new school will be located at 150 Front Street, Suite 100, Franklin. Currently, ATA Martial Arts also offers classes at the Williamson County Rec Center at 1120 Hillsboro Road, Franklin. They offer both kids and adult classes. No official grand opening date has been given at the time. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

About ATA Martial Arts Franklin 

Songahm Taekwondo is the style of martial arts practiced by ATA Martial Arts students. While famous for its wide range of kicks and known as the “Kicking Art”, Taekwondo also emphasizes breaking power, such as splitting wood and bricks using only the bare hands and feet. Training involves a variety of techniques, to include punching, kicking, dodging, jumping, parrying and blocking. Taekwondo also focuses on sparring and learning formal patterns of movements called forms. Songahm Taekwondo is a style specifically developed over 20 years by Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee to make it accessible to anyone willing to learn and to truly reflect Taekwondo and the strength and beauty of its kicking techniques.

The journey from White Belt to Black Belt (10 belts total) is one of incremental learning and skill development that students of any age any fitness level can embark on.