Assistant Chief Frank Brown Retires After 19 Years of Service

Arrington Fire & Rescue Assistant Chief Retires After 19 Years of Service

Tuesday, June 29, 2021, Arrington Fire & Rescue and family and friends of Assistant Chief Frank Brown celebrated his 19 years of service to Williamson County and the Arrington/Triune community.

One of the many things Asst. Chief Brown will be remembered for is the generations of Browns that have served the Arrington Fire Department.

Assistant Chief Brown joined Arrington Volunteer Fire Department in 2002 and was promoted by John Watts to the position of Lieutenant on December 1st, 2003. Asst. Chief Brown was then promoted to the rank of Captain and was later promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief by Chief Gene Craft. 3 generations of Brown’s have served the Arrington Fire Department to include his 2 children and his father.

Over the years, Asst. Chief Brown attended the National Fire Academy for leadership training and was tasked with supervising our first responder medical program for most of his tenure. Asst. Chief Brown will be remembered for his voice of reason and his ability to remain calm.

Chief Craft presented a custom mounted axe to Asst. Chief Brown to commemorate his years of service. Williamson County Emergency Communications conducted a “last call” for Asst. Chief Brown’s call sign, 1902. We are sad to see the Brown legacy of fire fighters come to an end after some many years at Arrington Fire Department.

We look forward to seeing Asst. Chief Brown around the community and wish him good luck in his future endeavors. We know he is looking forward so spending more time with his grandchildren and traveling. Below are a few pictures taken from yesterday along with a throwback of Asst. Chief Brown.

Frank, thank you for your service and we hope you enjoy your retirement!