Arrington Venue is Taken off the Market

Dolan Venue
photo from RealTracs

UPDATE: November 5, 12:15 pm

The property is no longer listed for sale at this time. The listing has been removed.

We reached out to Mike Matteson, Planning Director for Williamson County to ask if the county was attempting to purchase the property to which he replied the county has no plans to purchase the property.

Matteson provided us with a summary of the files regarding Dolan Venue Property.

In January of 2012, Mr. Dolan received Conditional Use approval for a “Rural Retreat- Extensive” use on the property. According to the Zoning Ordinance, Rural Retreat-Extensive uses are facilities “owned and operated by a non-governmental entity for the purpose of providing a rural setting in which lodging, camping and/or conference, meeting, and event facilities are provided for compensation…”. The site plan showed a roughly 5,700 square foot building to be used for a combination of retail and event space. The site plan also showed some small gazebos on the grounds.  This approval as a Rural Retreat-Extensive use expired because Mr. Dolan did not submit construction permits within the amount of time prescribed by the ordinance.

In 2007, the County adopted a new Comprehensive Land Use Plan and shortly thereafter began the process of revising the Zoning Ordinance.  The County adopted an entirely new Zoning Ordinance and zoning districts, applicable to all property in the unincorporated County in May of 2012, with an effective date of January 1, 2013.

As a result the zoning of Mr. Dolan’s property did change in 2013. However, prior to that in the fall of 2012, Mr. Dolan and his consultant met with County staff about seeking re-approval of his Rural Retreat-Extensive Use.  At that time, Mr. Dolan and his consultant were told that the zoning would be changing and he was advised to make his submittal prior to the new zoning taking effect on January 1, 2013.

It was not until 2013 that Mr. Dolan applied for Site Plan approval for a 5700 square foot commercial building, which was approved in May 2013. The Site Plan also showed a pavilion and a number of open air gazebos as accessory structures on the parcel.  This Site Plan was revised in 2014 to reflect a change in driveway location.  It was later discovered that multiple concessions-type structures had been placed on the site without permits in violation of the Site Plan and the Building Code. Mr. Dolan has since remedied these violations.

In regards to events, Matteson shared, Mr. Dolan has been approved to operate a permanent commercial use.  A building permit was issued for the building, but to my knowledge, it has not yet been constructed. Additionally, the Zoning Ordinance allows him to conduct up to 19 Temporary Events each year if approved in advance by the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). It is my understanding that Mr. Dolan did receive approval by the BZA for 19 Temporary Events for the year 2021.


Original story

Dolan’s Venue in Arrington is now on the market.

The property located at 8241 Malachi Lane is listed for $2,999,999. The venue opened for the first time back in July 2020 with a 4th of July show complete with fireworks.

A concert with Skid Row/Warrant was scheduled on October 23 but was later canceled, the venue stated it was due to unforeseen circumstances. No other events are scheduled at this time.

On the listing, it states, “Located in prestigious Arrington, Williamson County Tennessee. Unmatched beauty and demographics-driven concert events venue. 7800 sq. ft. green room, concessions areas, and offices. 100,000 square feet of concrete areas.  3400 occupancy. Complete turnkey, a high-tech venue located inside Nashville’s inter loop exit. Additional event spaces approved. 15+- 2021 remaining events scheduled. Surrounded by Luxury Golf course communities, winery, Venues and Multi-Million Dollar home developments. DON’T ENTER PROPERTY WITHOUT APPROVAL AND AGENT PRESENT.”