Are Fireworks Permitted in Your City?

As you get ready for your 4th of July celebrations, take note of when and where fireworks are permitted in your city.

Franklin: Fireworks are illegal within city limits, and violators are subject to possible fines, a harsh warning, a misdemeanor citation, and confiscation. The Franklin Fire Department would like to remind citizens that sparklers are considered fireworks.

Brentwood: Brentwood’s Fire Chief Brian Goss reminds residents that all consumer grade fireworks are illegal in the City of Brentwood. This includes sparklers. Each year because of the heat here in Middle Tennessee, the Fire Department responds to fires started from fireworks where residents either don’t know the law, or choose to break it.

For residents safety and protection of property, city officials ask everyone to obey the law. “We are not punitive, however we do respond to complaints. Because we have a transient population some people do not realize that fireworks are illegal here. Our Fire Marshall reviews the professional plans for Crockett Park and other private displays very carefully to ensure safety,” explains Goss.

Nolensville: Residents are allowed to shoot off their own fireworks, even if they live within town limits.

“We ask that anyone shooting off fireworks to please be responsible and ensure that all safety measures are used when doing so,” Nolensville Police Chief Troy Huffines wrote in an email. “We also ask that if there are advisories for burn warnings to use these advisories as guides to ensure safety and to reduce the risk of fires due to discharging fireworks.”

Huffines also reminds residents to be kind to neighbors and remember the town noise ordinance, which restricts loud noises past 11 p.m.

Spring Hill: The discharge of fireworks within Spring Hill city limits is limited to July 4th beginning at 12:00 noon and ending at 11:00 P.M.

Thompson’s Station: The Town does not have an ordinance prohibiting the use or display of fireworks within the Town limits, however, selling fireworks is prohibited excluding one site which has been “grandfathered.”

Fairview: The City of Fairview also wants to remind citizens that fireworks are restricted to the following dates and times: July 3, 4 and 5 from noon to 11:00 p.m. This applies only to D.O.T. class C fireworks and not “unregulated or novelty fireworks.” Sparklers are excluded from these restrictions but the City recommend safe, responsible, supervised handling of any type of explosive or ignited product.

According to Williamson County Fire Marshal Bob Gallopi, Jr., fireworks remain legal to buy and use within the unincorporated areas of Williamson County. Each individual using fireworks would be responsible for the safe use according to manufacture specification.
All commercial shows and retail sales are inspected prior to permits being issued, Gallopi said.