Anti-prohibition Craft Cocktail Bar to Open in Franklin

Amendment XVIII
photo from Amendment XVIII Cocktail Bar Facebook

A new cocktail bar called Amendment XVIII Cocktail Club plans to open in a few weeks at 158 Front Street in the Westhaven community.

The bar is opening in the former Kate and Lulu Kitchen location, which closed in April 2021. Previously, The Perch occupied the space.

On the Amendment XVIII Facebook page, it is described as an “anti-prohibition craft cocktail bar complete with a member bottle club & lockers. Join us in our 1920’s era inspired space for creatively inspired cocktails.”

Named after the 18th Amendment, a time of prohibition for the country, we asked Dean Marsh, President of TriOut Hospitality about the name for the new establishment, “We are using the name Amendment XVII Cocktail because if the amendment repealed in 1933 would’ve not happened there would not have a resurgence with cocktails, and today we are in a time wherein there is a modern resurgence in craft cocktail bars.”

In talking about what diners can expect, Marsh says, “With many cocktail bars the true allure is often hard to discern with all the intangibles that create each individual experience. At Amendment XVIII Cocktail Club we offer quality inventive cocktails using a range of curated ingredients to create a unique guest experience.”

Follow Amendment XVIII on Facebook for the latest news. Keep checking back here for more information on the opening.

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