Antebellum Roofing: Is Your Roof Certifiable?


Research shows that 30% of all claims against real estate agents, brokers, appraisers, inspectors, and managers are from leaky roofs and water penetration. Because the liability is so great most 3rd party officials are reluctant to assume responsibility for a roof. Non-disclosure of property related defects are creating more frequent and larger lawsuits everyday. An outdated principle is that the buyer alone assumes roof responsibility and quality assurance. Gone are the “as is” clauses that are blamed on excusable mistakes. Today’s litigious society can hold you responsible and liable. Problems that have gone unnoticed, undetected or non-disclosed become possible litigation. Avoid these mistakes and call us to request our Roof Asset Management, Inspection, and Certification Program. We protect your investments by providing a system to assume roof liability and warranty.–Antebellum Roofing

The Antebellum Roofing LLC’s Residential Roof Inspection/Certification process is performed prior to the closing of escrow on a home purchase transaction. The certification process involves a comprehensive roof inspection. Inspections are performed within 2-3 business days of an order or on a rush basis when needed. After the initial inspection is performed we determine if the roof requires repairs or if we can certify the roof for up to 2 years. If it is determined that we can certify the roof for the 2 years, we are guaranteeing the roof will not leak during this period of time.

Factors in Certification of a Roof

There are a number of other factors that we cannot assume liability for such as extreme acts of nature (earthquakes, high winds, hailstorms etc.), other contractor damage and tenant improvements. When we perform the initial inspection, the following is performed:

• Inspect overall condition of roof and provide rating of either Poor, Fair or Good

antebellum roofing• Inspect all flashings (chimney/pipe/collars), valley areas and equipment (if any)

• Inspect drainage system, gutters, downspouts and perimeter edges/flashings and low areas (flat roofs)

antebellum roof• Inspect all eaves and fascias and check for damage such as dry rot/termite integration

• Inspect roof top surface (shakes, shingles, clay/concrete tiles, metal, slate or other surfaces)

• Pantebellum roofrovide a repair checklist with written inspection report with drawing and photographs.

• Provide life expectancy of existing roof and components

• Provide budget numbers for maintenance and corrective action

• Provide digital photographic documentation of problem items

Then Antebellum Roofing LLC will call and provide a verbal explanation of the roof inspection to the agent on the same day if needed. The prepared report is faxed or e-mailed and a hard copy is mailed to the appropriate parties. Billing can be sent directly to the Title Company or whoever is requested.

If it is determined that a certificate can be issued we will provide the inspection report and a two-year certification that can be transferred as needed. Separate fees apply for the initial inspection and for the Roof Certificate. If the roof requires repairs before a certificate can be issued, Antebellum Roofing, LLC will aid in the repair process by dispatching qualified roofers to your job site. An inspector from Antebellum Roofing LLC returns for a follow-up inspection once the repairs are performed. The certificate is valid from the issue date for two years.

Antebellum Roofing, LLC is committed to providing our customers with quality roof application and construction services. Our reputation and efforts are unparalleled through our commitment to provide customers with superior service, premium products, and quality workmanship.

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