Antebellum Roofing: Estimating Cost Part 2

Roofer repairing damaged shingles after storm with very high winds came through over night


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Antebellum Roofing, located in Brentwood,Tn., will be bringing a 4-Part series each Saturday on the steps used to help you figure out much your new roof will cost.

Experts agree that before and with price one should know this about their projects:

  • PI —Problems (Problems with existing system)
  • P2— Services ( Solutions to your problems)
  • P3—Product (Scope of Work and Specifications to solve Problems)
  • P4—People (The right kind of Contractor to design, specify and solve problems)

Identifying these factors equally with price leaves one Value and Peace of Mind.

What Steps Are Taken To Find a Solution To Your Roofing Problem?

What products are needed to meet your specific needs? We have researched all products available in our area and can help you choose based on quality and costs. Again we have the certification and experience to accurately determine what is needed to solve PI you problem. We take the product step much further with our knowledge and compliance of things that impact your investment performance. We have the experience, honesty, ability, and aptitude to protect you and your home.

Providing Solutions to Your Problems through the proper inspection and design of the scope of work and material specifications needed.

We get on top of your job and not only measure the individual conditions and details but investigate each to make sure they are designed, specified and installed to work properly with your roof system. Our estimators are roofers who know the tricks of the trade as well as the proper installation procedures.

We create a blueprint of your project to inspect and account for all your project’ s individual conditions and details in order to formulate a bid that provides you:

roofA. SCOPE OF WORK: The work that must be done to meet all the waterproofing needs found in your projects unique conditions and details.

B. MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: The materials needed to successfully accomplish your scope of work.

C. OPTIONS: What you can add to your project’s scope of work and or material specifications to match individual preferences such as a desired look, warranty or other.

D. SUBSTITUTIONS: What you can substitute by either deleting the item from your scope of work or choosing a cheaper material specifieation or installation technique etc…

E. SALES COST SAVINGS PLAN: Savings available to you .

F. SATISFACTION: You are in control of your projects price and quality.

• We are a full service roofing, gutter and architectural sheet metal company. We specialize in all steep slope roofing systems and can help you design a project to meet your personal preferences and budgets.

Roofs are an integral part ofthe overall exterior look of virtually any building style. In fact, as architects and building designers introduce more complex roof designs, incorporating steeply pitched slopes and multiple intersecting rooflines, the roof is playing an even more prominent role — accounting for, on average, more than 40 percent of the overall building exterior.

Antebellum Roofing, LLC is committed to providing our customers with quality roof application and construction services. Our reputation and efforts are unparalleled through our commitment to provide customers with superior service, premium products, and quality workmanship.

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