Antebellum Roofing: Estimating Cost Part 1



Antebellum Roofing, located in Brentwood,Tn., will be bringing a 4-Part series each Saturday on the steps used to help you figure out much your new roof will cost.

Experts agree that before and with price one should know this about their projects:

  • PI —Problems (Problems with existing system)
  • P2— Services ( Solutions to your problems)
  • P3—Product (Scope of Work and Specifications to solve Problems)
  • P4—People (The right kind of Contractor to design, specify and solve problems)

Identifying these factors equally with price leaves one Value and Peace of Mind.

What Are The Problems With Your Existing Roofing System?

antebellum roofingWhat has caused you to need a new roof? We have the experience and technical education and resources to properly design your scope according to local building laws as well as manufacturer’s installation and material specifications. To properly assure that you do not have any problems on your job you should ask the following questions:

  • Why didn’t your last roof system last?
  • What work must be done to properly install your roof system?
  • What is a fair price to properly complete your project?
  • What are my options and how can I save?
  • How do I accurately compare apples to apples?
  • How do I qualify and choose a contractor to properly design, install, supervise and guarantee their work?
  • What are the common shortcuts that leave me holding the bag?


antebellum roofingINCORRECT DESIGN: A chimney cricket is required by local building codes and recommended by the roofing manufacturer’ s installation directions but this very important item was left out by the roof and framing crew. When problems arise they blame each other and the Builder and you are most often left with the damages and repair costs.

antebellum roofingFAULTY WORKMANSHIP: The industry standard seems to be get on and off the job as quickly as possible in order to make a profit. You look up at your new roof and see the shingles in place and believe that you received a good job because that is what you paid for. The reality is that most often you have not and can not see everything they left out of your job to get done quickly. As you can see in this picture what you can’t see id exactly what you didn’t get. There is no drip edge or roofing felt installed under this roof making it vulnerable to water damages.

antebellum roofingDEFECTIVE MATERIALS: How did you get such a cheap job? You can only get a cheap job by selecting one. Cheap jobs have a price as well and can only be obtained by choosing cheap workmanship and improper scopes of work. Another way is to choose cheaper materials as seen in the picture. This is a 30yr dimensional or architectural style shingle with a 30yr warranty and service life expectancy. It has began to delaminate after 10 years and it allows water into the building envelope now. The manufacturer is no longer around and your roofer didn’t register the warranty so you are left holding the bag.

antebellum roofingSTORM DAMAGE:Every year we are hit by Acts of God such as hail, wind and tornadoes. We are presently known in the insurance industry as residents of a new Tornado Alley that can expect these storms year after year. Can you trust that your insurance company will properly process your claim? Can I frust the 20 people knocking on my door wanting to fix my problems? The Answer is NO! We visit people everyday who have not been properly paid for their damages leaving them only enough money to choose the out of town fly by night storm chaser. They take your job without enough money to install it correctly and then leave town. When problems arise you again are left alone to take the financial responsibility

antebellum roofingDISHONEST CONTRACTORS :The roofing industry is plagued by dishonest and unqualified contractors. A guy gets a job installing shingles and because of the low amount of money needed to enter the market and the lax in licensing and insurance enforcements he suddenly goes in business for himself flooding he market with cheap unskilled labor. As this pictures shows a customer purchased a asphalt shingle and metal roof system. The contractor installed the shingles well enough but did not have the expertise to install the more expensive metal roof. The panels are laid out on the metal roof deck incorrectly and now water can not drain off. the roof into the gutter. He want answer the phone or got another job so you are left with a very expensive repair and roof replacement.

Watch next Saturday as we look at the services provided to correct your problems.

Antebellum Roofing, LLC is committed to providing our customers with quality roof application and construction services. Our reputation and efforts are unparalleled through our commitment to provide customers with superior service, premium products, and quality workmanship.

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