Ant-Man is the story of Dr. Hank Pym played by (Michael Douglas) getting forced out of is company by his Protégé Darren Cross. Pym recruits master thief Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) just released from prison to be Ant-Man and take on the bad guys and destroy the forces of evil. Pym’s daughter Hope played by (Evangeline Lilly)trains Lang in hand to hand combat.

I like a lot of people was not familiar with the Ant-Man comics so not expecting or not knowing what to expect added to the whole movie experience. With most huge franchise films like Batman and Superman there is this expectation going in to the film as we all are very familiar with their worlds.ant-man_trailer_screengrab_2_h_2015

Ant-Man is a light hearted superhero movie that reminds me of the first Spiderman movie starring Toby McGuire. It blends action and comedy into a very enjoyable movie release. Perhaps this is the doing of Disney or Director Payton Reed.

The comedy comes from Lang’s old cell mate Luis played by Michael Pena. Pena Steals just about every scene he is in. I sure hope Michael Pena is included in any future Ant-Man movies.

The movie does have some overused Hollywood clichés like Lang being divorced and wanting that relationship with his daughter and Dr. Pym and Hope’s rocky relationship. None of these relationships hurt the film and if anything make the movie that much better.

Overall, Ant-Man is a solid release and proves that sometimes less is more in a superhero movie. This is a great movie to see with your kids.

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