For Thompson’s Station Mayor Corey Napier, it wasn’t all Two Farms that captured his attention in 2016.

In the 2010 census, Thompson’s Station was noted for doubling its growth. Napier doesn’t see that changing, and it’s something he emphasized when reflecting back on the past year.

“We continued exponential growth in new households, most all of it is in one of our three large subdivisions – Tollgate, Canterbury and Bridgemore,” he said.

Leaders also created the Preservation Park Master Plan, which sets aside 220 acres of as a passive park. The first segment of park development is the paved main trail from Tollgate to the Dog Park.

Road upgrades also started in 2016, particularly the straightening and new signal at Critz Lane and Highway 31.

“This will most likely accelerate interest in commercial development of the SR 6 (Hwy. 31) and 840 interchange,” Napier said.

Two new businesses opened, both with the intention of generating revenue and giving Thompson’s Station a more unique flavor.

“H. Clark Distillery opened, which is the first distillery opened in Williamson County since prohibition,” Napier said. “Heath Clark released his 106 proof whiskey in early December. Graystone Quarry opened to great acclaim, further denoting Thompson’s Station as an authentic, unique destination experience.”

Thompson’s Station 2017 future

A new K-8 school also broke ground in Thompson’s Station. Napier said he envisioned it educating kids from the Canterbury, Bridgemore and Pecan Hill neighborhoods. Williamson County Schools will start talks of rezoning in 2017 with the new school’s anticipated open in August 2018.

But with growth also came a nod of the town’s effort to preservation. Thompson’s Station received both state and national awards for how it approached development and land planning.

Looking into next year, Napier said the town will make progress on the Downtown Master Plan, including a bid for a new Town Hall in January 2017. It will also include a new street layout and the beginnings of new sidewalks, pedestrian/event gathering spots and safety measures.

Zach Harmuth covers Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station for the Spring Hill Home Page.