Annual Transportation Summit to Discuss Bus Rapid Transit as a Traffic Solution

Bus Rapid Transit

The third-annual Williamson County transportation summit hosted by Williamson, Inc takes place on October 18 from 11am to 1pm at the Franklin Marriott in Cool Springs. The summit will analyze transportation issues in the county.

One big issue discussed will be the Regional Transit Authority’s recommended plan that includes Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along I-65 between Downtown Nashville and Cool Springs.

In September, Wiliamson, Inc, took over 80 business leaders and elected officials to Denver to learn more about the Flatiron Flyer BRT system between Denver and Boulder, which has become the benchmark for BRT systems.

At this year’s transportation summit, the keynote presentation will highlight the Flatiron Flyer BRT system, led by Denver region planner Troy Russ and Kimley Horn, who helped plan and implement the Denver system. Russ will discuss how it was funded, the strategic infrastructure investments, the multi-modal approach, and the mixed-use transit-oriented developments that resulted.

The immediate successes of the Flatiron Flyer BRT include a 45% increase in ridership within the first 3 months of opening, reduced traffic accidents because of route design, and even a significant decrease in travel time for single occupancy vehicles.

Williamson Inc invites you to attend the summit and learn how we could develop a transit solution that might be more cost and time efficient.

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