Over 8 years ago, a love of pets brought Mary Mader and Carole Horlacher, both of Franklin, together as volunteers for a local rescue.  They became fast friends and found they enjoyed working together to find forever homes for dogs and cats.

In 2010, they became volunteers for Williamson County Animal Control & Adoption Center in Franklin.  Seeing a need to help the shelter staff, they set up a desk at the front door and implemented a meet and greet strategy for all potential adopters. Mary and Carole know the right questions to ask and daily they help “match” adopters and pets.

This process helps insure a good, lasting adoption. They also help with off-site events, coming early and staying late, setting up, keeping up with adoption contracts and other paperwork.

Mary and Carole have assisted in the adoptions of thousands of shelter animals, and have helped by fostering many others. Though they technically are retired, they contribute daily to the successful operation of the shelter with their presence, unfailing work ethic and love for animals. You can count on at least one of them to be there five days a week from 2pm to 6pm.

When Darrell Waltrip Automotive’s Hometown Heroes, a monthly event honoring locals who make a difference in their community, heard about Mary and Carole, they knew they had to honor them.

“Volunteers like Mary and Carole are the backbone of the numerous nonprofits who help make Williamson County and Middle Tennessee the sought after place it is,” said John Gallagher, Executive General Manager of Darrell Waltrip Automotive Group.  “We’re proud to honor these local ‘matchmakers’ and to be able to support Williamson County Animal Control and Adoption Center in their efforts.”

Both Mary and Carole say that the best part of the job is watching a dog or cat go home with a forever family.  They feel a satisfaction in knowing that they helped make a good “match.”

“I think we often forget that Mary and Carole are volunteers rather than employees,” shared Mark Basenberg, Community Relations & Volunteer Coordinator for Williamson County Animal Control & Adoption Center.  “They are so reliable and so helpful and so integrated into everything we do regarding adoptions that I hate to think where we would be without them.  They are true heroes for the adoptable pets at our shelter.”
As a part of Mary and Carole’s DWA Hometown Hero award a $500 donation will be made in their honor to Williamson Animal Services, an organization established by citizens of Williamson County to support and benefit Williamson County Animal Control and Adoption Center in its mission.
To learn more about WC Animal Control & Adoption Center and how  you can help visit www.adoptwcac.org or WCAC  at 106 Claude Yates Dr. in Franklin or call 790-5590.
Darrell Waltrip Automotive’s Hometown Heroes is a monthly event honoring local heroes making a difference.  To learn more or to nominate your hero visit www.DarrellWaltrip.com/hero.