American Idol: Local Singers Continue in the Competition

Cassandra Coleman
photo from Cassandra Coleman Facebook

It’s season four of American Idol and we are watching a few locals compete. During the first auditions, local singers Hunter Metts, Cassie Coleman and Marisa McKaye made it through, receiving their “Golden Ticket.”

Hollywood Week Began Sunday Night

Hollywood Week began on Sunday night, where 150 contestants sang for the judges during a second audition process. The auditions on Sunday night were broken down into genres – rock, country, folk, R&B, soul, and pop.

Hunter Metts and Cassie Coleman competed in the Indie-folk genre. Out of the five artists who competed in that round, all moved forward to the next round on Monday night which featured duets.

Sunday night was the first time we caught a glimpse of Emi Sunshine from East Tennessee. We first met Emi at Pilgrimage Festival in 2015 when she was 11-years-old. Her original audition wasn’t aired and Sunday night’s episode only shows a few seconds of her as she moves on to the next round. Franklin resident, Marissa McKaye also received a golden ticket but we didn’t see her in a group that aired. McKaye updated her socials stated she did move on to the duets but will not be in the next round.

Duet Night on Monday 

Duet night featured Emi Sunshine with Alex Miller where they performed Johnny Cash’s Walk the Line. During rehearsals, Luke Bryan visited the duo and asked if there was another song they could perform but in the end – Walk the Line was the song choice that carried both Emi Sunshine and Alex Miller to the next round. “You carried a lot of that performance,” Luke Bryan said to Emi Sunshine.

Cassie Coleman sang with Wyatt Pike and they performed “The Lad & The Lass.” At the end of their performance, judge Luke Bryan stood to his feet. In reviewing their performance, Katy Perry commended them for working together, saying “a duet runs together” and Luke Bryan gives them the good news that they are both moving on to the next round.

Hunter Metts sang with Ava August where they performed TEN-OC. After the performance, Luke Bryan states that was “very star-like” but warned the duet the judges were looking for that big moment. While the two moved on to the next round, Bryan gave cautious words about not playing it safe and to go more rounds, they shouldn’t play it safe.

The next episodes of American Idol are Sunday, March 28 and Monday, March 29 at 7pm. on ABC.