Hopefully Lake Zurich, IL native Sam Holtz enjoyed his April 6. It probably will be the best day of the 12-year old’s life.

With Duke’s 68-63 victory over Wisconsin in the NCAA Men’s National Championship game, Holtz tied for first place in ESPN’s March Madness Bracket Challenge – despite being six-years too young to enter the contest.

Even more shocking – he admitted on an interview with Chicago’s WGNTV that “I don’t even watch the season at all”.

Without even paying attention to games the past three months, Holtz missed only seven picks throughout the whole tournament – five in the Round of 64 and two in the Round of 32.

The sixth-grader entered 10 brackets into ESPN’s contest via his dad’s email address, finishing ahead of 11.5 million entrants.

ESPN awards their Bracket Challenge winner a $20,000 gift card to Best Buy and a trip to the 2015 Maui Invitational basketball tournament, but Holtz shouldn’t be counting his money just yet. ESPN takes the top 1 percent of brackets entered into a pool and chooses their winner that way.

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