A&E Airs Dolly Biography This Weekend

Dolly Parton
photo from Dolly Parton

A&E will air a new documentary about Dolly Parton on Sunday, April 12 at 7 p.

The networks says the two-hour documentary “Biography: Dolly” traces Dolly Parton’s extraordinary journey from her childhood spent in poverty and early days in Nashville to her multiple hit songs and recent 50th-anniversary celebration at The Grand Ole Opry.

Reflecting on the social commentary and personal stories within her lyrics, the documentary examines hit songs including Jolene, 9 to 5, and I Will Always Love You.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Dolly herself, the documentary reveals the bold and fearless woman behind the rhinestones and wigs who has moved seamlessly with the times to inspire generations. “Biography: Dolly” also features interviews with Lily Tomlin, Chris Stapleton, Jane Fonda, Kylie Minogue, and other friends and fellow musicians as they reflect on one of country music’s most beloved stars.

A sneak peek clip was released about Dolly’s Jolene. Watch it below.