Josiah Rodgers

From WCS inFocus

At the age of eight, Josiah Rodgers is one of the youngest Williamson County students to be named an Academic All-Star.

Teachers at Hillsboro School say he is the type of student who not only puts forth a lot of effort in the classroom but also helps those around him.

“Josiah always has a positive attitude and works hard on everything he does,” said second-grade teacher Samantha Slonim. “Josiah perseveres even when a challenge presents itself. Not only is he excited about his own successes, he also celebrates and encourages the success of his peers. Josiah is always looking out for others and can be seen doing small acts of kindness each day.”

Josiah says he’s just happy to be a student at a top-notch school like Hillsboro.

“I really like it here,” said Josiah. “I think it’s the best school in the world, and I love my teachers because they take care of the students.”

Josiah says his favorite subject is science because of all the cool projects.

“We got to observe butterflies,” said Josiah. “We had little cocoons at first, and then we got to watch them hatch. It was cool.”

Outside of school, Josiah loves spending time with his family. When he grows up, he wants to be a police officer so he can protect others.

In the meantime, he says he is content with being a student at the best school in the world.

“School is really fun and exciting,” said Josiah. “You get to learn with other people, and you get to know them. I like it.”

The Academic All-Star award is given to students who exhibit a positive attitude and a commitment to excellence in the classroom. Each Academic All-Star is chosen by his or her principal and receives a framed certificate, free food from Sonic Drive-In and other gifts from the district.