Academic All-Star – Jack Ruzzo, Hillsboro School (Middle)

Jack Ruzzo

From WCS inFocus

Eighth-grader Jack Ruzzo is a model student who’s known at Hillsboro School for his kind and humble demeanor.

That’s why teachers were excited to name him as the school’s Academic All-Star for the 2017-18 school year.

“Jack is always engaged,” said teachers James Quebedeaux and Suzie Cooksey. “He has a contagious curiosity and pushes those around him to think, including his teachers. Jack scores very well on assessments and always has his assignments completed on time. He makes those around him feel comfortable, and his classmates are not threatened by his probing questions and contributions to class discussions.”

Jack says his time at Hillsboro School has helped to shape him into the student he is today.

“I like the small-school feel at Hillsboro,” said Jack. “The classes are fairly small so you get to be good friends with everyone. The teachers also get to know the students really well, and they do a great job of helping us through our struggles.”

Picking a favorite subject is tough for Jack who says he likes them all.

“I don’t think it’s the subject that makes the class,” said Jack. “It’s the teacher.”

As for the future, Jack says he’s interested in the field of engineering, but for now he’s just looking forward to attending Independence High in the fall.

“I think it will be a little nerve-wracking,” said Jack. “But it’s going to be exciting too because you get to do so much more in a high school than you would in a middle school. You get a lot more freedom, but with that comes more responsibility.”

For now, Jack says he’ll continue working hard at Hillsboro School as he finishes out his eighth-grade year.

“Education is important,” said Jack. “If you look back through history, you’ll find a lot of people who made a difference in the world and most of them had a good education. If you don’t get a good education, your options are limited.”

The Academic All-Star award is given to students who exhibit a positive attitude and a commitment to excellence in the classroom. Each Academic All-Star is chosen by his or her principal and receives a framed certificate, free food from Sonic Drive-In and other gifts from the district.