Academic All-Star – Christine Fox, Renaissance High

Christine Fox

From WCS inFocus

When it comes to being polite, few students can compare to Christine Fox. The Renaissance High school sophomore is known throughout the school for being courteous and considerate to everyone she meets.

“Christine is the kindest, most respectful student at Renaissance,” said principal Dr. Brian Bass. “She greets every staff member with a ‘good morning’ and consistently goes out of her way to be nice to others. In addition, Christine turns in every assignment on time and consistently gives 100 percent in every class. We’re proud to name her our Academic All-Star.”

Christine says she initially wanted to attend Renaissance because she thought it would be a good place to learn how to be a video game designer. It wasn’t until last year that she realized her true passion, the study of prehistoric life.

“I started playing this video game relating to paleontology, and I loved it,” said Christine. “I realized that I actually want to be a paleo artist which is someone who draws prehistoric life.”

With that in mind, Christine says she feels fortunate to attend such a wonderful school.

“I love that everyone is so kind here,” said Christine. “I also love how creative this school is, and the teachers are good about encouraging us to do things individually which is a good way to learn how to do things yourself.”

Although school can be a grind, Christine says she will continue to do her best at Renaissance.

“It can occasionally be stressful, but stress is a normal part of high school life,” said Christine. “I’m just thankful to be at this school because not as many students get to come here. I just really love it here, and I love being in every class.”

The Academic All-Star award is given to students who exhibit a positive attitude and a commitment to excellence in the classroom. Each Academic All-Star is chosen by his or her principal and receives a framed certificate, free food from Sonic Drive-In and other gifts from the district.