Academic All-Star

From WCS inFocus

A self-proclaimed “math nerd” who loves to mentor children, 17-year-old Alexis Ketterman is on the path to success at Centennial High School.

Teachers and administrators just named her as the school’s Academic All-Star for the 2018-19 school year.

“Alexis is an outstanding student in the areas of leadership, academics, responsibility and service to others,” said CHS Principal Chris Hames. “Alexis is a kind young lady who remains focused and determined with an amazing amount of grit. Her work ethic and integrity are second to none.”

Now a senior at CHS, Alexis says she has enjoyed her time at Centennial.

“The teachers here are incredible,” said Alexis. “They are really supportive in whatever you want to do, and if they see that you’re doing well they will push you even harder to see if you accelerate even more.”

Alexis is currently taking pre-calculus and says math is her favorite subject.

“I love math,” said Alexis. “I love numbers and wires. They kind of go together. I recently got accepted to Lipscomb University, and I hope to study electrical computer engineering, so I can mess with wires even more.”

In addition to her schoolwork, Alexis stays busy through her involvement in JROTC. She also has an after-school job at a local grocery store, and she volunteers her time at a non-profit organization which helps inner-city youth.

“When I’m not at school I like to mentor and tutor kids,” said Alexis. “That’s my fun time. I spend pretty much every hour of free time that I have with them. Anything pertaining to kids I find fun or interesting.”

Now that she’s been named an Academic All-Star, Alexis says she’s excited to finish out her senior year and proud of what she has accomplished thus far.

“This is amazing,” said Alexis. “I don’t even know how to explain it. This has definitely made my day.”