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Now that spring has sprung, cutting your grass will be added to your to-do list. Having a good mower is key to cutting your grass efficiently. However, owning a mower might not be something you’re interested in. Maybe it’s not within your budget to purchase a mower or maybe you don’t have the room to store it or you simply don’t want to deal with repairs.

The Lawn Mower Club was established to tackle these issues. The Club is an extension of an equipment repair business called Mower Genius. A few years ago, one of their clients asked if she could lease a mower for the season. Thus, Lawn Mower Club was born.

Lawn Mower Club is a family run business providing equipment for long term use to homeowners.

“Entrepreneurship is in our blood as a family. We believe that the best education is experience. Our family is very much involved in the operation of our business,” said Jim Falletti, President/Chief Manager. From attending conferences and meetings to taking care of social media and blog posts, the entire family pitches in.

Become a Lawn Mower Club Member

Signing up is easy. Anyone can sign up directly at or they can call/text 615-576-0026. After signing up, customers usually receive their mower within 1-2 weeks. Customers pay a monthly rate and can cancel at any time; there are no contracts.

You get to keep the mower for the entirety of your membership. All you have to do is store it in a safe, dry location, like a shed or garage. If you don’t have a shed or garage, you can store it in a rear yard under a cover and secured with a lock. Lawn Mower Club sells locks and covers.

Three membership levels are available: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The main difference between the levels is the type of mower. Lawn Mower Club has push mowers, riding mowers and zero turn riding mowers. Memberships range from $25 to $139. Learn more here.

Based on your yard size and budget, they can help you find the right mower for your needs.


Lawn Mower Club also covers all repairs. If there was damage due to obvious neglect, such as hitting the equipment with a vehicle, they would assess the damage and you could be charged for the repair.

If repairs are needed, Lawn Mower Club will repair or replace your equipment in as little as 48 hours after notification, depending on your location. If you are further out, it can take as long as one week.

Currently, they provide service to most Middle and East Tennessee, including Nashville Metro, Murfreesboro, Knoxville Metro, Cookeville and Crossville.

Lawn Mower Club Details
Hours: Mon-Friday 9a – 5:30p

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