FeedOne Fights Hunger Around the World

By Heather Listhartke

As part of its mission to eradicate hunger around the world, FeedOne seeks to help children by providing an environment where children can grow to be empowered people. Part of the Convoy of Hope non-profit, FeedOne is more centralized on providing nutritional meals, education, clean water, and healthy living environments targeted towards the well-being of children.

FeedOne works to implement sustainability programs appropriate to the needs of each community in countries like El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, the Philippines, and many more. While the programs that are implemented look at being able to provide food consistently, it also works with those in the community through training and equipping local partners to develop efficient systems of collecting water and distributing it. As they continue to provide, they also monitor the health and growth of the children to make sure they are doing what they can to establish a strong foundation for future growth.FeedOne also rehabilitates communities by getting rid of unsafe structures, building safe ones, and instilling proper sanitation methods.

Convoy of Hope, the parent organization of FeedOne, has helped more than 70 million people world-wide. In addition to the services offered by FeedOne, Convoy of Hope also provides emergency supplies, information about utilizing the land, and seeks to empower everyone. They are highly dependent on the tens of thousands of volunteers that dedicate themselves to helping each year to helping those in impoverished situations as well as the partnerships they create with churches, businesses, other organizations, and individuals.

Convoy of Hope is currently working with its partners to continue aiding those in the US and other areas that were affected by Hurricane Matthew. While they are working to rebuild those areas, they need continued help and support from volunteers who are willing to dedicate their time as well as contributing to the financial needs of providing the tools and supplies for rebuilding.

FeedOne continues to provide basic support to those that need it, as well as working to actively provide ways for people to help in their own communities by sharing stories of those they help, providing materials for organizations to host fundraisers, and partnering to help specific communities.

The organizations together have received many awards, because of the transparency they have with the people who help and are a part of the nonprofit. They continue to need donations and volunteers to help fund, organize events, and provide assistance to the growing communities that they serve. For more information, you can visit FeedOne’s website; or if you want to help the larger organization, you can visit the website for Convoy of Hope.


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