New Workout in Cool Springs Requires Just 15 Minutes


What if you could accomplish the same results from spending four days’ worth of gym workouts in just 15 minutes? Thanks to Manduu, a revolutionary fitness method that utilizes electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), the question becomes not what if, but why not?

A brand-new studio in Cool Springs (125 Cool Springs Blvd, Suite 290) is introducing local women and men to Manduu, which began in Europe where devotees of all ages work out in more than 80 studios across the continent. An ideal fit for busy Americans because of its efficiency, Manduu compresses what has traditionally taken hours into a 15-minute workout that is safe, effective and rewarding.

“The Cool Springs studio is only the third to offer Manduu in the U.S., joining Miami and Santa Monica,” says Jason Ritzen, owner, Ritzen Group, Inc. and Manduu Tennessee. “There is a real eagerness to embrace new ideas in this community. The excitement Manduu has been met with here is inspiring.”

The workout

Courtesy of Manduu

Manduu relies on EMS to activate more than 80 percent of the body’s muscles in a single workout. During typical gym workouts, 65-70 percent of muscle fibers are activated. Manduu activates more than 90 percent of those muscle fibers. Participants wear special clothing provided by the studio underneath the supplied EMS suit, which is a lightweight, antibacterial uniform resembling a scuba suit made up of a jacket, pants and arm straps, all of which contain electrodes.

A trainer guides the participant through a low-impact, 15-minute workout comprised of various movements, flexing and resistance poses. The pulses feel like tiny vibrations, and while participants are sore the next day, the exercise is never painful.

Weekly body testing using InBody technology – a system that provides high-tech body analysis, including skeletal muscle mass, total body fat, visceral fat, hydration and metabolic rate – helps participants monitor progress and stay on track to achieve their individual goals.

The studio experience

Manduu Cool Springs anticipates every participant’s needs. Private workout spaces make Manduu a quiet break in the middle of a busy day––a welcome change from overcrowded gyms. All workout clothes and technical gear are provided, as well as towels, chic decor, individual showers and more. Come as you are.

One-size-fits-all fitness methods are haphazard––even harmful. Manduu’s customized workout plans ensure each trainee follows a path that supports and improves their body’s unique composition. Each weekly workout is completed with a trainer either one- on-one or one-on-two, and online session scheduling via Manduu’s expertly designed software is fast and simple.

Who needs Manduu?

Manduu makes sense for anyone who is serious about health but pressed for time. Busy professionals, harried moms, athletes with injuries that keep them out of extreme workouts like CrossFit, senior citizens determined to stay strong and those who are active but desire a more intense workout than what they achieve in the gym are key candidates for the method, which is a peerless combination of high-tech, high-intensity and low-impact.

Manduu is a holistic approach to wellness, and while the workout itself is fast, the regimen is not a quick fix. Participants willing to put in 15 minutes per week and follow the trainer’s recommendations over the long term will reshape their bodies, improve muscle mass and become stronger in ways that will dramatically improve overall health for years to come.

“Manduu is a great workout that is simple, high-intensity and only takes a short time to complete. The first time I tried it there was a soreness to my muscles for the next 24-36hours as if I had done a full-body workout,” says Dr. Ethan Kellum, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist, “Although Manduu only takes 15 minutes to complete, it works most of your major muscles. It is also much safer on your joints and the risk of injury is less than if you are exercising regularly in a traditional gym.”

Follow Manduu on Facebook for the latest offerings. They require no membership or initiation fees, Manduu offers monthly rates based on the number of classes you select to attend per week, see the class rates here.


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