A-Game Sportsplex for Sale Offer on the Table

a-game Basketball

It has been confirmed by the owners of A-Game Sportsplex that an offer has been made to purchase the business. The multi use facility located in Franklin off Gothic Court, houses two ice rinks, 12 volleyball courts, 6 basketball courts, a skate school, turf fitness lawn, Laser Chase and Star Physical Therapy, has been on the market for the past few months.

An official release will be sent out early next week by the owners. The economic impact, effect on schools in Williamson County and other groups who use the facility, makes this newsworthy.

Justin Bradford, sports reporter, shared this tweet on July 8th:


Bradford’s tweets have been posted to Facebook discussions and there are a lot of opinions in the community.

Williamson Source is reaching out to sports clubs who use the facility and will be impacted by the sale. In addition, owners have confirmed that the cost of the facility was a large factor for the need to sell.

Look for a complete story in the near future.

To view all the programs offered at the Sportsplex, visit A-Game.