A-Game Deal with Cincinnati Based Developer

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With the sale of A-Game Sportsplex to Al. Neyer, a Cincinnati based developer, looming over them, the owners have been meeting to discuss the burning question on many families minds, can the facility be saved?

If the sale goes through, A-Game will be closing their doors in the spring of 2016.

Katy Crossen, Marketing Manager at Al.Neyer explained, “At the conclusion of the project, it will have a value of around $35 million and represent a strong investment in the Cool Springs/Franklin area. This office development will bring around 700 jobs to the community including a potential corporate headquarters – users who will enjoy frequenting the many restaurants, services, and businesses in the area on a daily basis.”

The facility has been on the market for the past several months. Larger spaces are limited in the Cool Springs area and the size of the sportsplex fits the need of Al. Neyer.

[quote font_size=”16″ bgcolor=”#” color=”#” bcolor=”#” arrow=”yes”]For partner Trevon Townsend selling the business he has poured his heart and soul into over the past eight years can only be summed up by saying, “It’s a heartbreaker. If someone in the community was going to come forth as an investor or to help save the facility, they would have to move quickly, this cannot be a drawn out.” “The people making the offer are good business men. In Cool Springs the demand for this size of office space is high. ” Townsend explained.[/quote]

For the five owners of A-Game, it has been deeply hurtful to be portrayed as “Lining their pockets with money,” since running the facility has cost them all greatly. Both Townsend and his partner Gary Ivey have expressed multiple times how much they believe in A-Game and what it offers the community. Children, families and sports are all a huge part of what Williamson County prides itself on.

An estimated million plus people walk through the doors of A-Game on an annual basis. Many of these people represent teams and families who have traveled to Middle Tennessee for tournaments in a premier facility. While here the hotels and restaurants in Franklin, and Brentwood are at capacity. The economic ramifications will be felt with loss of jobs and  hundreds of thousands of lost revenue.

Ellie Westman Chin

“We are very disappointed to hear about the potential sale of A-Game. Youth sports is important to Williamson County and we will work with our clients to hopefully keep them in Williamson County,” Ellie Westman Chin, President and CEO of WCCVB commented.

Having exhausted all efforts, including a meeting with the Mayor of Williamson County and leaders of the City of Franklin, the reply they received was that there was no interest, or intent from county or city officials to work with A-Game and the current owners.

“It is a disappointment I’m sure to many of their customers, but this is a private business decision. We have several outdoor facilities that bring hundreds of teams and players to Franklin for sporting events,” Milissa Reierson commented on behalf of the City of Franklin.

The economic impact for business is a concern expressed in comments from editorials earlier reported, and the Chamber of Commerce, Williamson, Inc. released this statement:

Matt Largen

“I am very supportive of youth sports in Williamson County and understand and, as a father of 2 young daughters, appreciate both the economic and community impact of youth sports on our community. I do not believe the closing of A Game Sportsplex means the end of youth sports in Williamson County.

We will work hard with the Williamson County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, community leaders, and investors to find a place for youth sports to continue in a significant way in Williamson County,” Matt Largen, President of Williamson, Inc. explained.

Separate from the business side of the equation is the deeply emotional side of parents who are concerned about the loss of facilities for youth sports. Williamson Source will share the thoughts of parents, coaches and others in part two of the story.

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