A Conversation With New O’More College of Design President

David Rosen

O’More College of Design named after Mrs. Eloise Pitts O’More envisioned a four year higher education program with three main goals in mind: innovative designers, with the capacity to create authentic beauty that positively impacts the world.

While Mrs. O’More started the college with an Interior Design program, today O’More College of Design offers three four year programs to students-School of Interior Design, Fashion and Visual Design.

We sat down with the newly announced President of O’More College of Design to learn more about his vision for the school, what’s next and how O’More will soon have a presence on Main Street.

Dr. David Rosen is new to the Franklin area. How new? “It has been just 66 days.” said Dr. Rosen laughing  ” at some point I guess I can switch from days to months and eventually years.”

O’More College of Design sits on top of a hill nestled in downtown Franklin yet somehow feeling as if you have entered a retreat as you enter the gated driveway which leads to a majestic historic home. Dr. Rosen says that is one of the things that drew him to O’More,”when our students enter the O’More campus, it is as if they have just entered a secluded retreat,”

With just 180 students, small by most college standards, Dr. Rosen has big plans for this student body. Ones that will broaden its scope of recognition not only in Franklin but in Nashville and beyond.

Dr Rosen is from Hagerstown, Maryland, a city he says resembles Franklin.

“They are very similar with the climate, humidity and terrain. When I’m here in Franklin, it very much feels like home.” Hagerstown also played a part in the civil war. Due to its location, on the border area of the North and the South during the Civil War, it became a  staging location and supply base. Health care for Confederate and Union soldiers was provided at a variety of locations in the city during the war.

By his own admission, he says he has spent lots of time researching Franklin and the Nashville area, stating he probably knows Nashville better than those of us who live in the area.

His philosophy: A school should create, improve its environment and  help become better citizens in the community. “I see our students becoming involved in the community. At a recent Art Scene our students were outside painting a backdrop which will be used on stage during the Pilgrimage Festival, it is these types of things that I see our students becoming more a part of in the future.”

O’More College will have a presence on Main Street in downtown Franklin. Dr. Rosen envisions a place where the community can buy local goods from students, share a community space for lectures, and make O’More College of Design more accessible to the  public.

As the former President of Kendall College where he quickly formed partnerships with local institutions he is already forging those partnerships here at O’More. While in the beginning stages, there are talks of working with Belmont University entrepreneurship program.

Dr. Rosen has  embraced Franklin with open arms- living easily within walking distance of the campus. He could quickly share with us his favorite restaurants in downtown Franklin-Red Pony, Cork & Cow, Puckett’s and how much he enjoys the local flavor. Dr. Rosen stated that he admires how Franklin considers each new project and how it will fit into the current landscape adhering  to what makes Franklin so great.

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