Surely everyone has already woken up to frost on the windshield before heading out to work in the morning. As the temperatures begin to drop and winter precipitation looks to be just around the corner, being sure your car is ready for the elements is essential. Here are some tips beyond simply being up to date on service and having an ice scraper in the car that will keep your car rolling smoothly through the winter months.

Make Sure Your Battery Is Juiced

If you park your car outside, you’ve likely had the frustration of turning the ignition and waiting to get fired up. Winter puts more stress on your battery than any other time of year. Go ahead and check its life and your charging system during warmer times of the day. Many repair shops will test your battery and charging system for a small fee, if not for free.

Make Sure Antifreeze Doesn’t Leave You Frozen

As the weather cools, many repair shops might offer a “flush and fill” of engine coolant. However, if you have remained up to date on your regular service, you can flush these “flush and fill” offers. In most newer cars, coolant can last for 5 years or up to 150,000 miles. If you have missed regularly scheduled service, go ahead and swing in to have your coolant flushed out and filled, but make sure the coolant used is compatible with your vehicle.

Keep Your Belts Cinched And Your Hoses Clean

When temperature drops, your car’s belts and hoses are more likely to crack and fail due to wear. When the weather warms up, make sure that your belts and hoses are still in good shape before it gets cold again.

Check Your Tires For Proper Inflation

When the weather cools, get down and check your tire’s PSI. For every 10 degree in temperature Fahrenheit, a tire loses a pound of pressure. If snow or, more likely in our area, ice hit, an underinflated tire won’t “bite” the road. If a car doesn’t bite the road, the car will react as if it is hydroplaning, and it is just as dangerous as hydroplaning.

See Where You’re Going With Your Wipers And Headlights

No matter the time of year, making sure your windshield wipers and headlights are working at their best is important. During winter though, it is especially important to have a good view of all the hidden trials that happen during the winter. For windshield wipers, there is a need to give a clear, streak-free view. During the winter months, one can also clean their car’s headlights if they have gotten foggy, or go to local detailing shops such as MILES Auto Spa to get them protected for the long term.

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