9 Ways To Prepare Your Kids For Back To School

by Amanda Gates
Gates Interior Design

There is something about summer that we all look forward to. When June finally arrives, it’s as if we hit the finish line. Vacations are on the calendar, those daily routines get shut off, and our schedules become more laid back. It’s like taking in a long, deep breath so we can embody this newfound relaxation. It’s no wonder that we all crave the warm days of summer because everything about it feeds our soul.

I am not a parent but many of my clients and friends are. Every year it’s the same pandemonium. I see parents hit a streak of sheer panic when they realize the first week of August is here and the thrill of summer is coming to an end. This year I wanted to offer some sound words of advice on how to prepare your home and kids for a smooth transition and help you keep your schedules as organized as possible.

Here are 9 Ways you can prepare for that back to school schedule

1) Start creating a routine at home two weeks before school starts.
2) Implement bedtime based on the new school schedule.
3) Be intentional about eating times.
4) Create easy meal plan cards for quick school lunches based on foods you’ll always have.
5) Try to make connections before school starts. Teachers, students, etc.
6)  Create rituals that fit within your family dynamic. Kids need consistency.
7) Be flexible and be prepared for trial and error.
8) Ease anxieties and fears before school starts in any way possible.
9) Don’t set yourself up for failure.

It is always good to tighten up schedules two weeks before school starts to help kids make the transition smoothly.  To ease everyone’s anxiety, don’t plan any trips before school starts.  Establish a “get ready the night before policy” so backpacks, homework, lunches and clothes are ready to go in the morning. I know several moms that create flashcards for fast healthy lunches that are easy to throw together and take the guesswork out of a tired mom or dad.

If your child is about to enter a new school, help them make the transition by introducing them to their teacher, or other students by scheduling play dates or meetings before the big day comes. Fear can lead to excitement, so help create a fertile ground of encouragement for your child to help them take that leap of faith and fun for a new school year!


Amanda Gates

Interior Designer