87-Year-Old Brentwood Resident Reminisces About 1970 Eclipse

We are live in Brentwood at The Heritage with 87 year old Sally Durfey who witnessed the first Total Solar Eclipse williamsonsource.com

Posted by Williamson Source on Friday, August 18, 2017

On Friday, we sat down with 87-year-old Sally Durfey, a resident at The Heritage in Brentwood, who will experience the second solar eclipse of her lifetime today. In our interview, which you can watch above, Durfey tells us of her first solar eclipse she experienced back on March 5, 1970, in Newport, Rhode Island.

Durfey watched the eclipse with her three young children and in our interview, she shows us the photo of her children that she took afterwards on that very day.

There were things that Durfey pointed out that we may experience today, birds singing their nighttime song, street lights coming on, and she mentions a noticeable change in temperature.

Today, Durfey will be watching the eclipse with her sister and friends at The Heritage in Brentwood. As they celebrate the eclipse, it’s also National Senior Citizens Day. We are thankful to have seniors like Sally who can share these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with us (or if you are Sally – twice in a lifetime experience!)