Recently, we shared insider tips to shopping at Costco – read it here in case you missed it. Today we want to talk about items you should definitely be buying at Costco.

Wine– Now that the law has changed so you can buy wine in grocery stores, Costco now sells wine in their main store. They will feature wines from time to time but overall you can purchase wine 30% cheaper than other places.

Organic Produce– Eating organic produce can be very expensive, even if you are sticking to a few items like dairy, grapes, and apples which are suggested as a starting point.  However, Costco has a very large selection of organic produce. Huffington Post reported last year Costco sold $4 billion dollars of organic produce surpassing Whole Foods.  The organic farmers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand from Costco.

Prescription Drugs-  You don’t need a membership to take advantage of the deals on prescriptions.  With the ever changing landscape of insurance coverage, prescription coverage is often expensive. Take a look online for the medications available.

Gift Cards-While Costco might sound like an unlikely place to buy gift cards, you can save money by purchasing them at Costco.   MSN reports that when you purchase gift cards they cost 15 to 30% less than retail value.

Eyeglasses- Consumer Reports stated, “Costco topped our chart, beating out most other chains. And when it comes to the cost of frames and lenses, Costco shoppers spent much less than those who bought from independent retailers, private physicians, or the specialty stores LensCrafters and Pearle Vision. The median price paid at Costco was $186, compared to about $300 at the other options. ” If you have multiple family members that wear glasses, the savings add up.  You can also purchase contact lenses at Costco as well.

Meat- We shared our favorite mid-week dinner option at Costco where a whole roasted chicken is just $4.99. But buying other meat products like bacon, and fresh fish still comes in cheaper than most grocery stores.  You can also find a great selection of hormone-free meats and grass-fed beef as well.

Gasoline- The savings here will vary from week to week.  We checked   just before publishing, Costco was selling regular gas for $2.05 a gallon where nearby gas stations price for regular gas was anywhere from $2.38 – $2.45 a gallon.

Batteries–  How often are you searching for a new battery? With expirations dates often years out, you can save money and have that backup battery on hand by purchasing in bulk at Costco.

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