7 Ways To Keep Fit While On Vacation

Mother and daughters riding a bike on the beach, during a sunny sumer day.

Summer vacation. It’s finally here and you can’t wait! Yet, you’re experiencing some apprehension. Fitness-wise, you don’t want to blow all that you’ve achieved up to this point. You want to enjoy your vacation but at the same time, not get too lackadaisical. Bad habits can creep in unexpectedly.

Below are some tips for staying fit while on vacation this summer, no matter where you are headed.

7 Ways To Keep Fit While On Vacation:

  1. Walk – Whether you are visiting a new city or at the beach, get a pedometer — either the simple kind or the new technologically advanced version — and count your steps. Aim for at least 10,000 steps a day, which will burn approximately 400 calories for a 145-pound person. This is a great way to spend time with family or friends who you might be vacationing with…or even some alone time!
  2. Fitness Centers – Book your stay at a hotel or resort with a gym. Many hotels and resorts offer gyms with cardio and weight equipment. Also, did you know that many fitness centers offer a nominal daily rate for vacationers? This is so convenient if you are renting a house or condo at the beach and want to get your workout in.
  3. Bike– Consider a biking tour of the city you are visiting or bike on the beach if that’s where you are vacationing. Even if it’s hot, you will get a nice breeze to help cool you off. This is perfect for families since you can pull smaller children behind you in a bike cart (and burn extra calories!), and a fun way to spend time together. Many cities have bike paths that you can also explore.
  4. Golf – Golfing on vacation is a popular activity. Forgo the golf cart though and walk instead. According to golflink.com, an average-sized man carrying his golf clubs and walking 18 holes will burn 1,442 calories. With those numbers, you could enjoy a guilt-free “round” on the 19th hole!
  5. The Bands – An easy way to keep your muscles toned and get a full-body workout on vacation is to bring your own resistance bands. They’re easy to pack and portable.
  6. Swim – Whether you are swimming in the ocean or at the hotel pool, swimming is an ideal exercise. It offers cardio benefits, keeps you cool and it’s easy on the joints.
  7. Paddle Board– Either on the lake or in a calm section of the ocean, paddle boarding is great for the core. According to shape.com, you can burn 500-700 calories per hour paddle boarding. What fun!

Doing a variety of the above exercises will also help you work different muscle groups and keep you from getting bored.

So go ahead, enjoy your vacation, and keep fit too!