5 Tips for Booking Travel Online

Family Traveling

The 2018 school year is almost over and everyone is looking for a quick getaway but of course, we want to save money.

Here are five tips we found at Forbes on how to save money when using one of the most popular travel sites – Priceline.

Priceline Hotels

  • You can save lots of money by bidding to stay in an empty hotel room but keep this in mind. Until you pay for your reservation, the hotel name will not be revealed and hotels don’t have to accept your bid.
  • Want to make sure your bid is within a reasonable range? Visit BiddingForTravel.com  a forum dedicated to bidding on domestic and international hotels.

Priceline Rental Cars

Bidding on an unknown hotel may not appeal to you, so bidding on a rental car where you can save up to 40 percent makes more sense.

  • Bid 20%-30% less than the lowest advertised prices
  • Try to pick locations that don’t charge high additional fees (i.e. airports)
  • Carefully consider the car type as some agencies are more “spartan” than others

Know the Rules

Priceline will let you bid once every 24 hours. While you have to wait until tomorrow to make another bid, you can place several bids a day.

  • With rental cars, you can select a different class of car which allows you to bid more than once a day.
  • Same holds true with hotels, you can select a different star rating to bid more than once a day.

Join the Membership Program

The membership program is free and gives you access to Private Pricebreakers which are not available to one time users.

Look for Freebies 

When searching for a hotel make sure your search criteria includes freebies such as – parking, breakfast, and wifi.

Paying for these items can add up quickly so make sure your hotel offers and least one of the most important items on your list.