Sneak Peek of 7 Super Bowl LII Ads

Super Bowl

Commericals are often a nuisance, except when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday. You might even say some watch the game while others are watching for the commericals.

We found seven previews of already trending 2018 Super Bowl Ads. Also, see our five favorite Super Bowl ads so far.

Tostitos Super Bowl 2018 Teaser

The Tostitos commercial features actor Alfonso Ribeiro. You can even customize the commerical by visiting the Tostito website.

Bud Light – “The Cart Loadeth” 

The Clydesdales will only get a 5 second spot this year with a “Clydesdale Cam” but the this commerical was released over a week ago.

Verizon  “Bring on the Ice” 

Verizon hasn’t aired a commerical during the Super Bowl since 2011. In this commerical, it shows Super Bowl tickets inside an ice scuplture.

Febreze- “The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink”

This begins with Dave who introduces himself by saying “I’m Dave and my Bleep Don’t Stink.”

2018 KIA Stinger 

Racing icon Emerson Fittipaldi won’t be the only legend on the track in the upcoming Stinger commercial for the big game.


Last year, Terry Bradshaw made national headlines when he appeared live on the Super Bowl LI broadcast with a stain on his shirt. As we gear up for Super Bowl LII, Terry is back on set and already running into a few problems.


In this new Amazon Alexa commercial, Alexa loses her voice and celebrity replacements are chosen.