7 Reasons Nashville Should Be Your New Hometown

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Music City is a pretty remarkable place that is seeing an unprecedented influx of new residents, and for good reason. With an average of 82 people moving to Nashville every day, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Here’s why our hometown should be your hometown!

#1 Taxes

Tennessee is one of the few states in the Union that does not have a state income tax. And while the sales tax may be higher in Davidson County than in other places, we think it’s a pretty fair deal. You literally pay taxes on what you buy, not what you earn. Spend more, pay more. Makes sense.

#2 Higher Education

One of Nashville’s many nicknames is “The Athens of the South”. (We even have a replica of the Greek Parthenon to prove it.) But this moniker actually stems from the city’s dedication to higher education. In fact, Nashville proper (not even the entire Middle Tennessee area) is home to more than a dozen private and public colleges, universities and institutes of higher learning.

#3 Primary Education

If you have younger kids, you may be more concerned with how Nashville addresses educating the next generation. Middle Tennessee boasts the top 10 ranked schools in the state and many of the highest ranked public school districts in the state. These rankings are based on scores, safety and graduation rates.

#4 Industry

While Nashville is absolutely called “Music City” for a very good reason, the industries in this fair town go far beyond country music. Publishing, music publishing, health care and start up companies continue to grow at astronomical rates, making this a much sought-after town.

#5 Food

The food scene in Nashville and the surrounding areas goes way beyond fried foods and Nashville hot chicken. (Although we do both of those really well.. .and proudly!) Because of the wonderfully eclectic mix of cultures here, you can find authentic, quality cooking from almost every culture and style. Your taste buds will never be bored in this city.

#6 Sports and Entertainment

Regardless of what kind of music or sports you enjoy, you’re sure to find something to love in Nashville. From long-time establishments like the Grand Ole Opry and the Bluebird Café to more recent additions like the Titans and the Predators, Nashville and its nearby neighbors are always hopping. Symphonies and movies in the park in the summer, strolling through fall festivals, darling downtown avenues or catching incredibly talented musicians in any and every music venue you encounter is just par for the course here.

#7 Charm

With all that Nashville has to offer, some of it can also be found in other cities across America. So, why are people moving their families, beginning their careers, or settling into their retired golden years here? Why are people flocking from New York and California to this Southern haven? In a word: charm.

While Nashville offers big city vibes and amenities, it has something else almost intangible… Southern hospitality. And it’s not just the few native Nashvillians that possess and demonstrate it. There is something magical about this city that brings out the gentility and kindness in those that move here as well as those blessed enough to be raised here.

When you’re ready to find the perfect home in the greater Nashville area, reach out to Warren Bradley Partners. With more than 30 years’ experience, we’ve seen the growth and changes. We can find the right property in the right part of town to meet you and your family’s lifestyle and needs.

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  1. What about the other side of Nashville?? Homelessness to a level of skid row in Los Angels is cropping up. Gun violence another issue never mentioned. Obesity is high due to the so called good food.

  2. The food scene is okay
    There is no public transit (or sidewalks in a lot of neighborhoods outside downtown, what is up with that?)
    The traffic is horrendous because of the influx of people and lack of transit
    No one wants to pay taxes to help improve the city
    I had to move here from a NE city and I would leave in a heartbeat if I could. So unless you are from the south and used to some of the above nonsense, do not come here.

  3. For all that came to Nashville to earn a living and hate it. Please go somewhere else. Your distaste for this area and requirement that the area caters to you is beyond nauseating. It adds a sense of non gratitude that is not at all welcomed here.


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