6. A-Game


Oh my, A-Game. This project itself won’t change the face of the county. But the repercussions of the sportsplex closing for good could.  There has been a lot in the news lately, as A-Game got sued by its tenants for trying to break their lease years early. But the bottom line is that sportsplex- and its 12 volleyball courts and two sheets of ice- was a center for club sports in the county, and its closing leaves a vacuum.

The county, responding to the community, recently created a Sports Authority to look into creating a regional sports complex. When Davidson County did the same thing in 1993, it led to the Predators and the Titans.

Ohio-based develop AL Neyer agreed to buy the building in July of 2015, and has plans to turn it into a vast office park. Sources with knowledge of the situation, bound by various confidentiality agreements, have made it clear that Mars, Inc.- already with a Spring Hill pet food headquarters- will likely be moving onto the site as a tenant. AL Neyer does not have any estimates about when the project will be completed, but early 2018 has been floated.

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