7 Places to Get a High-End Burger








3.Granite City
1864 West McEwen Drive
Franklin, TN

Granite City has a handful of burgers to choose from, but one, in particular, is special. The Oscar Burger is jumbo lump crab meat served over our the specialty Granite City burger topped with bearnaise sauce, havarti cheese, asparagus, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle.

Price: $16.95

About Granite City
Granite City Food & Brewery┬« is a casual dining restaurant with an on-site brewery. Their first restaurant opened in St. Cloud, Minnesota, in June 1999. Now, there are 26 restaurants in 11 different states. Granite City isn’t just a great place for a burger; they also serve signature beers, including Duke of Wellington (an English ale) and Broad Axe Stout (an authentic Irish beer), and entrees such as London broil.

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