7 Murals to See in Franklin & Nashville

Looking for a fun, hassle free activity that is great for social distancing? Why not a mural tour? Visit these local murals, grab a coffee or snack from your favorite local spot and, of course, don’t forget to take photos!

On our list, you’ll find a few spots in Franklin (we’ve even listed one mural that is in progress), plus some new must see murals in Nashville.

1. Behind Triple Crown Bakery

Franklin Mural
photo by Donna Vissman

The local bakery, Triple Crown Bakery is located at 735 Columbia Avenue. While you are headed out on your mural adventures, stop here for a sweet treat of cookies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, scones, coffee, and cookies. Grab your favorite snack and walk to the back of the building on Evans Street you will find a colorful mural with a yellow background with the words “Welcome to Franklin” at the bottom it says KAT but we aren’t sure if that’s initials or the muralist name.

2. Old Tin Cottage Location

Tin Cottage Franklin Mural
photo by Donna Vissman

Located at 123 South Margin, you will find a fence with hand-painted “Franklin Tennessee.” After you take a photo there, head over to Tin Cottage’s new location on Main Street where you will find an assortment of gifts, jewelry and so much more. There’s even a wall in the back of the store with an illuminated “Happy” – another perfect spot for a photo opp.

3. Riverside Franklin

Riverside Mural
photo by Donna Vissman

On the side of the Riverside Franklin store at 144 Bridge Street, you will find a mural. This one was created by local muralist For Becks featuring “We emoji heart Franklin.” Becks also created a mural photo opp for a recent Made South event. When you’re done, stop by and visit the Harpeth Hotel.

4. Urgent Team Building

Franklin Mural
photo by Donna Vissman

Urgent Team, a walk-in clinic, located at 509 Hillsboro Road just had a mural approved by the City for the side of their building. The mural is described as “a welcoming postcard featuring highlights of historic Franklin within each letter of the word ‘Franklin.’” The mural is currently in progress and it’s expected to be completed in a couple of weeks.

5. Fairfield Avenue and Lafayette Street, Nashville

Black Panther
photo from Lowkeyart Instagram

Located in South Nashville near Fairfield Avenue and Lafayette Street, local Nashville artist Charles Key created a mural to honor ‘Black Panther’ actor Chadwick Boseman.

Boseman died on Friday, August 28th after four years of battling colon cancer.

6. 107 North 11th St., East Nashville & 5100 Indiana Avenue, Nashville

Hatch Show Print Mural
photo from Hatch Show Print

Hatch Show Print has created a new poster called “Hide Your Smile,” which was inspired by posters promoting the 1939 film, “Jesse James,” and reimagined for today by designer-printer Heather Moulder. The four-color letterpress print is a timely reminder that says it all, and in a way only vintage type can: “When you go out, hide your smile for a while.”

In addition to creating the posters, muralist Bryan Deese painted the image at 107 North 11th St. in East Nashville and at 5100 Indiana Avenue in the Nations.

7. 5 Spot, East Nashville

Dolly Mural

photo from Kim Radford Instagram

Nashville-based muralist Kim Radford created the new artwork on the side of the 5 Spot in East Nashville at 1006 Forrest Avenue.

Radford tells WKRN, “I met with the guys [at The 5 Spot], I told them when I was coming, primed the wall a few days ago and started to draw Dolly and sketch in my design. And people were just immediately excited when they realized who it was. I was excited that they knew who it was. It was fun because it was young, old, black, white. People just really lit up when they saw it was going to be a Dolly mural right there.”

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