7 Longstanding Local Restaurants and Cafes

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4. Henpeck Village Market

1268 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin TN 37064

Henpeck Market, on the intersection of Henpeck Lane and Lewisburg Pike, has a story similar to that of Puckett’s. Started in 1984 as a country grocery and general store that served as a place to get a good homestyle meal and cup of coffee, it was bought and revived at the same time as the revival of Franklin.

In 2011, the longstanding market went into foreclosure. Carl Moore, a longtime regular, refused to see it go. So he bought it and has since revitalized and renovated the market to retain its old charm but also allow it to flourish in modern Franklin.

They grow a lot of their own food, such as okra, tomatoes and squash, and sell what they do not cook.

An iconic chicken coup, long a part of the old Henpeck, is still used for the eggs in your Sunday morning scramble.

And they still serve the southern fare that is the true secret of success for all such small market and cafe combos.

Henpeck Market is located at 1268 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin TN 37064.

Visit Henpeck Market Tues-Thurs 7a-8p, Fri & Sat 7a-9p and Sunday 10a-2p. They are closed Mondays.


  1. Went by the Resturant a day or so and there were no cars or trucks at all
    in the parking lot
    Looked like they were out —– closed
    Surprised to read that we should go there ?Beverly

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