7 Hot And New Neighborhoods in Williamson County









There are literally dozens, if not scores, of neighborhoods in some stage of completion in Williamson County. What makes one hot is a matter of opinion, but here is a list of some of the most interesting, sought after or potentially quite popular places to move into in the ever-booming county housing market. Some on this list are already built but adding on and some are just being planned.

1.stephens valley



Stephens Valley is the largest development planned in the county, with 900 homes total. The neighborhood recently made news with its recent rezoning. It was zoned to be in the Fairview High School district instead of the Franklin high school zone, but the point is moot. By 2024, according to Williamson County School plans, a new high school will be built there that very likely will be where students in Stephens Valley go. The developer Rochford Realty is currently working on phase one of what will be a 20-year buildout.

It is a perfect location for those with young families or looking to start a family. Its rural character– it sits in the north of the county near the Davidson County line– captures the rural beauty nearby of Williamson County but has convenient access to Nashville, Brentwood and downtown Franklin.

The first phase with 88 homes on 49 acres could be complete within 18 months.




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