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Thousands of people drive in Franklin every day. From residents to commuters to those coming to Franklin for social events, traffic can get congested.

When sitting in a traffic jam, have you ever wondered exactly how many thousands of people drive around Franklin every day? Well, we can show you! TDOT records the Annual Average Daily Traffic (also known as AADT) for many areas across Williamson County. Below, we highlight a few spots in Franklin that have seen tremendous daily traffic increases in the last 14 years. Stay tuned throughout the week as we show the spots in Brentwood & Spring Hill that are heavily traveled.

I-65 South in Franklin between the McEwen and Murfreesboro Road Exits

Year: Annual Average Daily Traffic
2000: 62,817
2014: 105,146
Increase of 42,275 drivers per dayi 65 s franklin between mcewan and 96 exits


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SR 840 West of I-65

Year: Annual Average Daily Traffic
2001: 5,627
2014: 29,411
Increase of 23,784 drivers per day840 west of I-65

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E McEwan Drive North of Clovercroft

Year: Annual Average Daily Traffic
2000: 1,013
2014: 8,486
Increase of 7,473 drivers per daye mcewan drive north of clovercroft

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S Royal Oaks at Creekstone Blvd

Year: Annual Average Daily Traffic
2000: 17,058
2014: 22,118
Increase of 5,060 drivers per day

s royal oaks

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Arno Road near Tullamore Lane

Year: Annual Average Daily Traffic
2000: 3,518
2014: 9,999
Increase of 6,481 drivers per dayarno road

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Hwy 31 (Columbia Ave), South of Franklin near McLemore Road

Year: Annual Average Daily Traffic
2000: 9,051
2014: 13,281
Increase of 4,230 drivers per day

hwy 31 and mclemore

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Sneed Road West of Hillsboro Road

Year: Annual Average Daily Traffic
2000: 7,530
2014: 11,071
Increase of 3,541 drivers per day sneed road

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See our interactive map below. Place your cursor over the pin points to see drone and time lapse video of certain intersections.

Mack Hatcher and Royal Oak

Mack Hatcher and Hillsboro Rd

Old Hickory , Franklin road and I-65

Old Hickory , Franklin road and I-65

Coolsprings Blvd and Mallory Lane

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